Ability to hide images in advertisements

I’ve noticed that some companies are placing images in their ad spots that aren’t exactly appropriate for children. I understand that sex appeal is a common marketing tactic among businesses, but I do question its prominent use in a game that can be used for educational purposes. I have considered introducing GoVenture World to some of my younger friends to introduce them to the principles behind business and the importance of work ethic; however, due to the recent ads being played, their conservative parents would definitely shun me for introducing them to an “inappropriate” game, even though my intent was to educate them. My question is: can certain rules be put in place to limit what images can be used in advertising, or could a new option be implemented to hide images in advertisements?

I’ve gotten a bit tired trying to outbid the two companies behind this, as they likely have more time to spare than I do, haha.


Thanks for your concern about this. We do want to make sure the game stays acceptable for a general audience. Our age range is teenagers to adult (but not children).

When we were designing the ad feature, we also designed an APPROVAL PROCESS whereby all ads would have to be approved by the admins BEFORE they are displayed live. As you probably know, you have to bid and win an ad a couple of days before it is scheduled to run. This delay is designed to allow players time to prepare and select the ad, while also allowing admin time to review the ad. But, we have not yet completed that feature.

As the game grows, it will require too much admin time to review every ad, so I think what we should do is allow ads to run, but include a REPORT option where any player can report and hide an ad that appears offensive. This enables our players to help us with the game. In order to make sure that players don’t unfairly try to hide good ads from the game, we could charge players a g money penalty if they REPORT/HIDE an ad that should not have been reported.

In the meantime, we will have to let our players know to keep the ads as “clean” as possible.

Thanks for your concern!