A small list of change requests

There are some annoying things that could be looked at.

Allow username and password to be stored in the login screen. I don’t see why people wouldn’t want it or why admins would want them not to.

Make the default settings no voice and no sound effects. The target audience for this game does not play it for the noises. I have sound turned off from my PC just because of this game…

Make it MUCH easier to remove bulk mail. The game generates inwards mail very easily and makes removing them laborious. A select all - delete all would fix that.

Remove help from automatically pasting over chat and chart icons if help is switched off in profile options

At least while in beta, it would be nice to have a weekly or more often update and a list of what was fixed so we can destruct test it…


Thanks for the feedback! I can help with a few things …

AUTOFILL username/pw is normally a function of your browser. We don’t do anything to stop autofill and it seems to work ok for us.

MUSIC can be turned off by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom of the smartphone. We have everything on by default because we want new players to get the full experience and if we had it off they probably would not find it easily.

MAIL - agree, we will be upgrading mail a bit at a time. posted.

HELP - we will check to see if it is behaving properly. posted.

BUG LOG - we added this yesterday to this community website … it’s pinned to the top of the BUGS category. But, we have not yet added anything to the list.


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Chrome autofills my login every time


It’s a game which need to connect frequently.

why do you limit sessions for a very short time ?

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Thanks for the response - you can turn music off but not the sound effects when selecting or a pop up comes up…

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I think we may do the shorter session time to to save server resources. How long do you think the session time should be?

You are right that we do not provide a button to turn off sound effects. We are thinking that they are important prompts for most players (and those who do not like they can use their browser or speaker settings to adjust).

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Hi Fireyscorp: One trick I use when I don’t want sound effects during testing on my PC is to mute my browser tab. I’m using Chrome. In Chrome, it’s just a right-click on the tab to find the option.

Returning to the mail issue. One of the biggest generators or mail is when one of your manufacturing companies completes production. There is a statement that suggests you can turn those mails off in your profile page… I can’t see it and I’d really like to turn it off…:smirk_cat: