3 Day order cancellation not working

Please refer to the Invoice order fulfilment bug for more detail.

I have 4 open market orders I am unable to fill. 3 due to the customer not having sufficient funds to pay taxes and shipping and the other previously reported as “The invoice has been posted” (same forum topic)

All transaction happened on the same day which was well over a week ago. Even allowing for a restarting of the clock during that time, it is now clear the automated sale cancellation are not working on the 3 day mark.

Please investigate…

Thank you for the information.
And these purchases were all from the Open Market?


Yes, all open market

Still have 61 cars in limbo. Any action on this??

You switched it back on and 46 open market cars finally returned

I have an open market order for 5 cars from srolls that was purchased on y1 day 26. it has never been shipped and is on my unpaid invoice listing. shouldn’t it be cancelled and also after a period, shouldn’t I be able to cancel it?

@Global_Inc, we had this issue resolved before the reset, we will investigate right away. Thank you.


you won’t be able to chase through my account now. my posting prompted srolls to ship the cars. but the issue is still valid

Hey Global, we are hunting this down.