100% product not shown as 100%


I have upgraded my pharma manufacturer to have 100/100 products, but when I send the order to my customer, I get a complaint because my product are shown as 8%, then 10% then 12% quality/feature.

I do not understand why, I didnt have residual products on my stock. I have only product 0/0 on open markets.

Even now I still have the issue, I tried to sell it on open market and I saw quality 20 and feature 20.

Could you check what happens here ? My company is Marshall Pharma Asia. I don’t have such issue with the other one in Europe.

I think I lose one customer because of this.

The products rated 0/0 on open market will effect your ratings until sold.

Now it is sold, but the rating is still not 100/100

We see you listed 71,877 units on the OM. With no inventory, once you begin manufacturing you should see your ratings normalize. Please let us know.